The Crew

Bill grew up sailing the Great Lakes and has been sailing the Chesapeake/East Coast for the past 30+ years. Phoenix is his latest rebuild, having completed a Yorktown 39 from bare hull to rig design/installation nearly 20 years ago. 

Elisa was new to sailing and boat building when she and Bill met, though she grew up in and around the water as a competitive swimmer for more than 20 years. Bill's passion for sailing was contagious, and Elisa was up for the adventure and challenge that cruising life offers!

Together we have sailed and worked on countless boats -- Albacore, Balboa, Bristol, Cape Dory, Catalina, Cheoy Lee, Columbia, Irwin, Rainbow to name a few!

Though this rebuild is taking longer than expected, it is almost time to stop building and start cruising! We're inching closer to our goal, casting off, and heading to warmer climes with bluer water.

Bill and Elisa


  1. Ahoy Mates:
    I have an Andromeda (44.6' at the waterline, 46' on deck, well built), constructed at a boat yard in Alviso, CA in 1981. I just found your blog. First time I found anything on the internet concerning this boat. Love what I've seen so far. Need to go to school on your project. The initial builder passed away before completing. No masts or sails were ever installed. Sons inherited and ran as a commercial fishing vessel for 20 years before I got it. I'd like to finish her and sail a little. More to follow. Let's chat, compare notes if you like. I have tons of questions about rigging, interior etc.
    Dave S.

    1. Welcome Dave; it's always great to hear from another Andromeda owner! We'll email you to compare notes and chat more about your project.