Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Bruce!

The crew of our sister ship, Eager Dreamer, invited Bruce Bingham up from Florida to sail with them for a long weekend. It so happened that Bruce's birthday fell within the planned trip so we all got together for an Andromeda reunion and to celebrate Bruce's birthday.

There are so few Andromeda's out there that it's pretty amazing to have Phoenix and Eager Dreamer both right here in the Chesapeake, let alone seeing them both in the same creek. And it's also good to be able to compare notes on sailing characteristics, modifications we're both making, etc.

The weather warmed up nicely for the visit, and thankfully the creek thawed a few days prior to their arrival. I dare say we're finally seeing some signs of spring! Scott, Laurie, Bruce and Tiller arrived early afternoon, and we had a great time catching up, hearing about their sailing adventure with Bruce, showing them the progress we've made on Phoenix, and enjoying some delicious food and wine.

Eager Dreamer arriving for the party

Bill, Scott, Bruce and Tiller examining our framed, original print ad for the Andromeda

Laurie, Bill, Bruce and Scott sitting down for our steak dinner

It wouldn't be a birthday celebration without dessert, so I whipped up Bruce's favorite -- key lime pie.

Birthday Key Lime Pie

Laurie, Bruce and me
Bill and Bruce both grew up in Michigan and have an affinity for Sanders chocolate, so we thought a little reminder of home would be a fitting birthday gift.

Bruce opening his birthday present
It was a great visit, and a treat to spend time with Bruce and the Eager Dreamer crew.

Now with spring finally on the horizon, it's time to get back to boat work and back to sailing.


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