Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name…

So much has happened in the past month and we have quite a backlog of things to share. Bruce Bingham, Gary, Lana and the Eager Dreamer clan (the Wybranski family) all came out, along with some of our close friends, for Andromeda-fest 2012. Perhaps as we discover more Andromeda’s out there our numbers will grown into a true gala event, but with only 2 boats, it will remain a “fest” for now and we will share the highlights soon. J

In the meantime, you may recall our posting on Phoenix’s Origins, how we discovered that she was an Andromeda, and how we met Gary, Lana and Bruce in the first place. Fast forward to Bruce’s arrival and upon first glance telling us that she is NOT an Andromeda, but a Christina. Now we were really confused…

Bruce designed both boats in the 60s and the Christina is simply a modified version of the Andromeda. Our understanding is that the key distinguishing characteristics in our design are:
  • Single, rather than double ports in the hull
  • The bulwarks are slightly taller and have more flair
  • Squared rather than “bubble” cabin tops
  • Slightly fuller, more pointed canoe stern
Beyond that, the LOA, LWL, beam, displacement, etc. are the same. When we began our blog we said we were a “highly modified Andromeda,” but apparently we didn’t know the half of it! We were crediting all of the previous owners and ourselves for her modifications, though some were there from the start!

Gary and Lana have the line drawings comparing the two designs tucked away in an attic somewhere, and we hope to get a copy some day so we can do a more proper comparison. Call her an Andromeda or a Christina if you’d like, but soon we’ll be calling her home.

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