Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Pressure is On!

June is a little over a month away and we still have a lot to do before Phoenix is ready for her close-up; well, at least her visit from Bruce Bingham and her first sail in nearly 20 years (not counting her 1,100 mile motor from Detroit -- that wasn't sailing)!

All the halyards are spliced, but not all installed. Bill's been hard at work getting the running rigging squared away. New topping lifts and outhauls are just about finished, to name just a few minor tweaks. Next on the list are mast wedges; once they're made we can put the sails on, do a little "dock sailing" and tune the standing rigging.

Of course, the bottom has become a wonderful barnacle farm over the past 7+ years that we've been working on her, so we'll take her to one of the local marinas for a short haul and power wash to tie us over. A full haul out and new bottom paint are slated for later this year -- after we get a chance to sail her a few times...

Fuel polishing system, running lights, getting the head somewhat functional, and the minor task of cleaning up our construction zone down below... I could keep going, but you get the point...

Guess I better quit writing and get to work!

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