Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rebirth Began...

Phoenix's rebirth began several years ago, when Bill found her on the hard in Detroit. The masts hadn't been up for 10 years, and the current owner decided to throw in the towel after ripping the Ipe off the decking, replying the deck, and gutting the interior.

Within 6 months, Bill had the motor working and the boat ready enough for the 1,100 mile journey from Detroit to Pasadena, MD.

No coaming walls at this point and the decks are nowhere near fair...

Temporary hatches and bimini, etc. , but all the basics needed to keep the crew happy for 2 weeks!

I came into the picture about a year after the project began, and we've been been putting her back together again ever since (well, we did take time out to get married, teach me how to sail, and of have some fun, but we'll get to that later!)

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